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Yes, you can learn to dance Tango. Tango is sensual, romantic, elegant- a dance of communication and connection.

Florentino Dances TangoYou do not need a partner to learn Tango or to experience the magic of Tango. Argentine Tango is a social dance and most tango dancers are single men and women.

It takes two to Tango, both leader and follower have duties and responsibilities. We are independent yet depend on one another for the magic that makes Argentine Tango what it is- an absolutely lovely experience of movement, music, communication and connection. You can dance smoothly, flowing, intensely, completely focused on your partner and the music.

There are several ways to start but the fastest way is with the personal attention of private lessons while group classes are a good way to meet others. Here are several ways to start:

Call us to discuss what works better for you and your schedule. Our number is 858-453-9680 or send us an email to get started:Florentino

Are you over 60? Argentine tango can help keep your body and your brain sharp as you age? More about the study. Recent studies also suggests that helps Parkinson's patients maintain control of their movements.

About Argentine Tango Concepts!

Over the last four years, we developed and refined a teaching method that focuses on the key concepts to dancing improvisational Argentine Tango. We have tested our approach in regular classes, in speciality workshops, and in private lessons with dancers of all levels. The results are amazing! But don't take our word for it- read what others say about learning to dance Tango with us!

By making you aware of how Tango is danced, helping you develop the physical skills necessary to properly execute Tango movements, and working with you to master these concepts so that they are your own, you can quickly learn to lead/follow and improvise.

If you have been dancing tango for almost 10 years and teaching for 5 years, we can help you improve your dancing so you can dance more Tango and with better dancers!

The Passion of Tango!

Any night of the week, you can easily find people flowing, smoothly on the dance floor caught in the intense energy that is the milonga or tango dance party. The embrace of the couples, the physical connection are but clues to the open mind and receptivity of of the follower and to the supportive confidence and guidance of the leader.

The smile on her face expresses her joy of movement. Her closed eyes reflect the security of her partners arms. He guides her successfully through an ever changing floor. He protects her by quickly moving her out of harms way without her ever even being aware. All she knows is that she is safe in his arms. She enjoys the warmth of his embrace and the safety of his arms. Her willingness to stay connected physically and mentally to his vision of the movements bring her to soulful heights. How could she ever stop dancing tango!

He is the knight, her protector. He feels her totally responsive. Her body his to move. The intensity of the connection between them is older than recorded time. An immortal bond between man and woman. He is moved by the music, challenged by the dance floor, and inspired by her trust and faith in him. He happily maneuvers around the dance floor, sometimes quickly, sometimes stretching every movement like a cat, and sometimes just pausing, holding her in his arms, as times briefly stops.

He is..She is...in the tango zone. Experience the magic!.


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You can learn to dance tango and you don't need a partner!

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