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How to Choose A Tango Shoe That is Right For You: A Detailed Buying Guide For Beginner to Advanced Dancers: Detailed Buying Guide

Tips on Selecting Men's Tango Shoes: Recommended Shoes for Men

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I particularly recommend the following styles of Darcos classic shoes for Beginners:

Maria 16 Darcos Tango Shoes

Maria 16 – black leather, closed toe, T-strap, 6.5 cm heel, sizes 34-41 cm (Maria 8 is same, in red leather.)
Sofia 2 or Betina 4 – black leather, closed toe, X-strap, 6.5 cm heel, sizes 34-41 cm.  Sofia supports the instep with the strap; Betina straps join the toebox.
Sophia 2 Darcos Tango Shoes Betina 4 Darcos Tango ShoesBetina 4

For Intermediate dancers, I suggest:

Elsa 14 Darcos Tango Shoes Elsa 14 – black suede, open toe, X-strap, 7.5 cm heel, sizes 34-41 cm
Tila 9 Darcos Tango Shoes Tita 9 – animal print/gold leather, closed toe, 7.5 cm heel, sizes 34-41 cm (various prints have different numbers)
Cascabelito 54 Darcos Tango Shoes Cascabelito 54 – violet suede and mirror material, silver straps; open toe, good support for wide feet; 7.5 cm silver heel, sizes 34-41 cm

For more advance dancers, I recommend:

danil 18 Darcos Tango Shoes Yanil 18 – silver and salmon leather, open toe, 8 cm heel
Edith 8 Darcos Tango Shoes Edith 8 – black suede w/ silver, very open, 8 cm heel
Carolina 5 Darcos Tango Shoes Carolina 5 – red leather with abstract white and black material, open toe, 9 cm heel
Natalia 33 Darcos Tango Shoes Natalia 33 – black with silver/black snakeskin look, strap, closed heel box, 8 cm heel



How to Order Darcos Tango Shoes at a Discount:
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  1. Go to Darcos Tango Shoes
  2. Find a Shoe(s) you like.
  3. Determine your size.
  4. Determine your heel length/type.
  5. Email us with your desired shoe(s): isabelle@tangoconcepts.com

We recommend that you:

  1. Read the above guide to selecting Tango Shoes.
  2. Selecting a back up pair in case they are out of stock of  your first choice.

Any questions, call us at 858-453-9680

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