"After my first class, I was so excited and I was so inspired that someone was teaching Argentine Tango so intuitively." Sandra

"Your teaching is very clear. I don't feel nervous at all. I feel like you really want me to learn and get better. I like your passion for Tango. Even though I have been dancing for a while, I feel I can learn much from you!" Lily

"This is how Argentine Tango should be taught. Forget about tapes, Florentino and Isabelle are gifted dance instructors." Manny

"I feel like this is how everyone should be teaching. Now I understand that it is not about the steps. I am looking forward to my next trip to Buenos Aires because now I get it!" Dave

"Thank you for the lesson last night. I appreciate your clear teaching style and how I learned valuable techniques that will help my following and balance as well as a the "gancho". Susan Prasch

"I am amazed. I have been taught Tango by some of the best world class instructors - but not till the first lesson with Florentino was I able to understand Tango. His presence and connection with his students is a true "gift". RN

"After just one private lesson and a couple of group classes, I amazed myself by the fact that I could start dancing and doing things that I did not even know I could do." Cornell

"I love the way you teach. It is so clear and easy to understand." Kathy

"I do not know any steps yet I am continually amazed at the fact that I am dancing and following. It feels so wonderful. Florentino and Isabelle are truly gifted instructors" Michelle

"I have been learning steps but with Florentino and Isabelle, I finally understood what I was doing. They answered so many questions I had about how to dancing Tango." Eva

"I really enjoyed your class! The first milonga I went to I realized the classes I was taking hadn't taught me the most important aspect of tango and that is how to listen and follow my partner. Your intro class helped me understand this! You really helped me start to understand how to listen with my whole person!" C.E.

Tango Nirvana

"Have you experienced “Tango Nirvana?” When a couple shares the same wavelength and melds into oneness, the magic is indescribable. If you haven’t yet had this delicious experience, or if on the other hand, you are desirous of increasing the probability of many more occurrences, Isabelle & Florentino are the tango instructors to look up.

From instructing in basics including balance, axis position, stability, originality and musicality to complex choreography with infinite combinations, this couple can communicate how tango dancers, whether leaders or followers, can quickly and easily elevate their present dance to the next skill level. Attaining tango skill requires commitment and determination. This dance team will inspire you in your search for tango perfection."

Nancy Fischer

"As a former semi-professional ethnic dancer and then professional ballroom teacher- I was confused about "ho" to dance tango this past two years.  And, I had taken several private lessons and workshops from top teachers- even from Argentina. I still struggled. Now that I've had some lessons with Florentino, I am amazed!  Out of all the lessons I have ever had- he falls into the top "2". I can now "connect the dots" and dance tango!" Finally!"


"The introduction lessons were great. The class started with what Argentine Tango is for the instructor, for the music and for the couples. We kind of got to the essence of what Argentine Tango really is, and we went from there. My boyfriend Patrick really liked the idea of us learning this together and so do I. Dance means so much to me and I am glad I can experience it with him." Vasti E.

"As an Argentine, I've had Tango in my blood, heart and soul, sang it and well, lived it. Unfortunately, trying to dance it was an embarrassing experience, rejection, ridicule and shame had me resist the attempt more often than engage it because it was farr too complex, and I was far too uncoordinated. I had previously been to classes at N. San Diego County w/famous Argentine dance/performers, PB at events where my Int'l Tango-dancing friends had brought me, and where I became convinced that I'd never be able to succeed. Luckily a Dakina friend in Hawaii insisted I learn the basic steps when I traveled to Argentina just recently. She insisted it was a juicy, fun experience that needed only learning the basics for, but offered great rewards once engaged and mastered. I attended a whole-day work-shop in Capilla del Monte, and became convinced only a private class would help, which I had in B.A. afterwards. Though more rewarding, only in Florentino's tutelage was I able to succeed !"

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